Legal notice

In compliance with article 10 of the Law 34/2002, of 11 July, of the Company of Information Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE) the company details are given below:

Company name: OTEADOR SL

NIF: B84556778

Address:Av. Vidrio 18, Entre Nave 12-15, 2da planta (Azuqueca de Henares, Guadalajara 19200).



Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, volume 21.167, folder 66, page B-17,713, registry 1ª.


The purpose of the website is to show the products and services offered by the StarVie group, at the same time retailing their sports products.

The current legal notice (henceforth, the ‘Legal Notice’) regulates the use of the website:


Generally speaking the relationship between OTEADOR SL and the Users of their telematic services, present in this website, are subject to the Spanish legislation and jurisdiction.


The User is informed and accepts that access to the current website does not mean, in any way, the start of a commercial relation with OTEADOR SL or with any of its distributors.


The rights of the intellectual property contained in these web pages, its graphic design and codes are the property of OTEADOR SL, and as much, it remains prohibited to reproduce, distribute, publically communicate, change or whatever other activity could be done with the contents of these webpages, even when the source is given, except with the written consent of OTEADOR SL.


OTEADOR SL reserves the right to publish, modify or delete information contained in their webpages and can also limit or not allow the access of said information to certain users.

OTEADOR SL does not assume any responsibility for information contained in the webpages of third parties which can be accessed by links from web pages that are the property of OTEADOR SL. The presence of links in the webpages of OTEADOR SL have the purpose of merely being informative and in no case mean any suggestion, invitation or recommendation regarding them.


OTEADOR SL, through the presentation of this document, recognises its policy towards cookies, in compliance with the article 22.2  of the Law 34/2002, of 11 July, of the Company of Information Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE).

The cookies are stored in the hardware of the terminal of the user (computer or mobile) and gather information regarding the visit to the website, with the purpose of improving usability and said webpages, to know the habits or navigation necessities of the users to be able to adapt itself to those and at the same time obtain information for statistical purposes. In the case of those users who are clients of OTEADOR SL, the information collected by the cookies will serve also as identification in order to access certain settings that OTEADOR SL makes available for the management of the services.

The current Cookie Policy will be applied to those users who voluntarily visit the webpages of OTEADOR SL, fill in data forms, access settings that OTEADOR SL makes available for the clients to manage their services, or to use whatever other service present on the website that implicates communication of data to OTEADOR SL, or the access of data for OTEADOR to render their services.

OTEADOR SL informs users of their webpages of the existence of cookies and makes available the current Policy with the purpose of informing them about the use and object of the cookies. In continuing to navigate our webpages, it is assumed that users acknowledge and accept the current Policy.

OTEADOR SL uses the following types of cookies:

Classified by title:

*Own Cookies: sent and managed directly by OTEADOR SL.

*Third party Cookies: sent and managed by a third party, outside of OTEADOR SL, anonymously, with the purpose of making statistical studies about the navigation of the webpages of OTEADOR SL.

Classified by purpose:

*Technical cookies and/or personalised: they facilitate navigation, identify the session, to allow the access of settings or restricted access, besides to configure tailored options available. They make it possible to provide the required service previously used by the user.

*Cookies for analysis and/or publicity: they make it possible to see how many visitors different sections of the webpage have received, as well as the habits and browsing tendencies of the visitors, as a consequence the enable better navigation and services offered by OTEADOR SL (fundamentally Google Analytics), as well as managing the advertising spaces on the webpages visited by the user. They gather details anonymously with the purpose of obtaining navigation profiles of the users.

Classified by duration:

* Session Cookies: they collect and store the data whilst you the user are accessing the webpage.

*Permanent Cookies: they collect and store data in the terminal of the user during a period of variable time for the function of whatever purpose they have been used.

The time the cookies are kept will depend on the type concerned and will always be the minimum necessary to complete their purpose.

In whatever case, the users can configure their browser, to a way to disable or block the reception of all of some cookies. The fact of not wanting to receive these cookies does not constitute or impede being able to access the information of the website of OTEADOR SL, although the use of some services will be limited. If, once consent has been granted to receive the cookies, you wish to remove them, all those stored on the user’s terminal can be deleted through the options within the different web browsers.

They way to configure the different web browsers in order to execute the actions mentioned in the above paragraph can be found through the links below: