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New Kenta Colours Soft 30 Limited Edition. It stands out for the use of 3K Carbon Colours in different colors on each side of the blade. On one side of the plane, gold and on the other side, silver.

This new composition is perfect for all those who love the Kenta mold, but are looking for more elasticity in the flat, greater comfort and more sensitivity to the ball during the stroke thanks to its Soft 30 rubber.

*The weight of the cord (approximately 5 grams) is excluded from the total weight of the padel racket.











  • Two layers of 3K carbon in the plane. On one side, Carbon Colours 3K gold + 3k and on the other side of the blade, Carbon Colours 3K silver + 3k.
  • Round shape, its optimal point is in the center of the plane.
  • Soft 30 rubber density intended for a generic game that adapts to any type of player. Contributes to achieving greater ball speed and ease in the execution of the stroke. The density of the rubber allows for greater ball exit.
  • Hex Tech technology applied on the blade plane. New hexagonal roughness directly from the mold that makes it more durable and resistant. In addition, it helps to enhance the effects on the ball with greater precision at any point of the plane thanks to its design.
  • The Geo Bridge is a new technology applied in the heart of the racket that, thanks to its hexagonal design, offers extra maneuverability in the game that translates into greater ease to move and accelerate the racket, achieving greater power in the blows. In addition, it reduces the vibrations that are transmitted to the fist.
  • The Reactive Holes is a new technology applied to the plane of the racket. This new map of holes has been designed to optimize the game, giving a plus of power and control in both defensive and offensive strokes.
  • Longer Handgrip Technology: 1.5 cm longer grip for a more comfortable two-handed grip.
  • The Noene Inside is a technology applied to the handle of the racquet that has been developed in collaboration with NOENE®. The new anti shock padel grip Noene Inside StarVie, exclusive in the blades of the brand and placed as standard, absorbs and protects up to 96% of the negative energy generated by shocks and vibrations.
    Product manufactured 100% in Spain, Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara).


  • Eco-friendly padel cover.
  • StarVie ball can.

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Kenta Colours Soft Limited Edition

Paddle racket and ball jar - Premium Line