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Padel Rackets Star Line

The Aquila racket is perfect for players who are looking for the maximum power and precision in their shots. The impressive power, control, managebility and ball release of the this racket are its highlights. It has soft density rubber.

The Filava technology helps to obtain high-resistance against impact shock with continued use. The teardrop shape means the sweet spot is located in the superior part of the head, and so favours players with a more offensive strategy.

It features the Aquila Core, the piece in the heart of the racket which re-enforces the anti-torsion effect and thereby helps avoid elbow injuries in the players.


  Shape:                      Tear-drop
  EVA rubber:   Soft
  Head:   100 Carbon
  Frame:  Carbon  
  Weight:   350/385 gr

Note: This racket comes with its own sleeve.