About us

StarVie, a leader in the sports sector, is a recognised brand specialised in the manufacture and distribution of sports equipment. Since our beginnings, we have stood out for offering a wide range of high quality products, initially focusing on padel rackets and accessories. We produce high quality sports equipment, which is a result of our dedication, experience and proven track record.

Our company is proud to have an extensive distribution network that covers the entire Spanish territory, allowing us to reach every corner of the country. We have also established solid alliances and sponsorships with some of the most prominent players in the national and international rankings. These strategic collaborations demonstrate our commitment to sports and reinforce our position as a trusted brand in the sports industry.

Since 2009, we have carried out an ambitious expansion plan that has marked a milestone in our history. Through a new strategy in commercial and marketing policy, we have been able to consolidate our presence not only in the Spanish territory, but also internationally. This approach has allowed us to reach new markets in different countries.

Manufactured in Spain since 2013

At StarVie, we distinguish ourselves from the competition by our dedication at every stage of the production process to our key product, the padel racket. From the careful choice of materials to the intricate design of each product, a team of highly qualified professionals are responsible for ensuring excellence in every product. This meticulous attention to detail allows us to provide for the different levels and profiles of our customers; satisfying both the demands for quality and design present in the market.

With a faithful commitment to exceed our customers' expectations, we continue to innovate and explore new opportunities in the sports sector. Recently, we have ventured into the exciting world of pickleball and beach tennis, expanding our business lines and offering cutting-edge products for these growing sports.

StarVie team